I think we are all aware by now that hospitality is experiencing a (temporary) interruption to service.

During the prohibition era distilleries and breweries that weren’t keen on breaking the rules had to either shut their doors or find new uses for their venues and factories . Coors doubled down on the production of pottery and ceramics, brewers sold malt syrup and winemakers sold wine bricks.

So, let’s follow suit but stick to what we are known for, food and drink, and stick to safe and sensible solutions. We can’t stop what’s happening to us entirely, or change the global panic that has hurt our industry in a devastating way, BUT we can work towards a future where businesses have the fund to re-open and communities haven’t forgotten about them when this does begin to blow over.

Here are a few ways you can make this work:

  1. Offer meal packs for collection, or delivery – (why not use your staff who no longer have hours rather than giving delivery apps your cash) 2 or 3 dishes to chose from per day, single, date night or family sized.
  2. Recipe boxes – Create a recipe, box up the ingredients to the right portions for weekly collection.
  3. Order from your suppliers for the local community and charge a small commission – supermarkets are mayhem, online orders are down, people desperately need food and your suppliers need business.
  4. Make batches of freezable meals, bottles of home made sauce, jam, ferments – something for people to add to all of that pasta and bread!
  5. Work with your local community businesses, you might have the goods to make mains, but they have everything for the dessert – a community hamper with a single collection point.

If you are making the switch to being an #eatoutin kinda business for a little while and want some help with your messaging and assets, let me know, of course for now, any help is free of charge – I just want to play a small piece in making sure our industry is in the best place possible to get back to the good times when this is all over.

Resources for hospitality operators & workers:

Homemade Hand Sanitiser – WHO

Hospitality Response Guide – Worksmith

Taxation Support – ATO

Employee Information. Document

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