Venues Shouting Free Meals for Unemployed Hospo Workers.

Australian Pork industry The Australian Pork industry has partnered with a number of Aussie restaurants to launch Hospo4Hospo, a new initiative that’s focussed on feeding hospitality workers. Pernod Ricard To help those impacted by the sudden changes, Pernod Ricard is offering $100,00 worth of free meals via Deliveroo to out-of-work hospo workers across New SouthContinue reading “Venues Shouting Free Meals for Unemployed Hospo Workers.”

Mental health. Support. Community.

It has been quite possibly the most discombobulating month we could have imagined. Our industry is taking a whopper of a bashing. Many of us have lost our jobs and our businesses; some have even lost our homes.  Many of us are feeling out of touch with our support networks. We are so used toContinue reading “Mental health. Support. Community.”