Senior Brand, Content & Marketing Professional, zealous child of hospitality, lover of food.

This is me

In my element because I am about to eat 10 courses, cooked on the beach, by the locals, using nothing but fire. Perfect.

Die Strandloper

Some moments on my soapbox.

Born into a family of industry patrons, I’ve had the good fortune of being exposed to the vibrant, ever-evolving world of hospitality from a young age. 

Creating journeys, memories, and stories that ignite conversations for over a decade has given me the ability to authentically connect with customers. I spent six years marketing for a broad mix of bars and restaurants, but I’ve also worked behind the bars in addition to serving the food. This opened up the opportunity for me to interact with customers on a deeper level, and it’s allowed me to get to know the industry from both a service perspective and a marketing perspective. Along the way, I discovered that the most impactful experiences grow out of talking to people and not at them, which has helped shape my overall approach. 

To me, establishing a connection is the only way to become a good marketer. Sure, business is business, but if we don’t enjoy connecting with actual people, I don’t believe it’s possible to create genuine campaigns that have an emotional impact. And in turn, of course, sell a product or service. 

My passion lies in conceptualising, raising, and nurturing purposeful brands that connect communities through valuable content and collaborations. The end goal? To create meaningful experiences which sell. Lots. I shine when it comes to identifying great marketing opportunities, followed by clear strategic planning and the execution of effective campaigns. 

A handful of career highlights.

Stepping into a business that had never developed any formal marketing activity, creating highly effective local and international marketing strategies, then implementing them throughout 12 countries. 

Managing the revamp of the ‘Slice’, a closed loop loyalty scheme with over 50k active customers, curating email campaigns, diving into web analytics, and key date activity which led to the opening of 12 new venues. 

Creating the concept alongside managing all design and marketing aspects of Stonegate’s first “speakeasy bar, which then earned a coveted place on Stylist Magazine’s “Top 10 Coolest Bars in the World”. The bar continues to attract widespread media attention. 

Redesigning and developing a strong brand, tone of voice, and clear authority within the hospitality industry for Kounta through content and carefully planned collaborations with industry heroes, successfully humanizing the brand and significantly bolstering customer relationships.

Creating, modelling, and developing 3 menu cycles for The Orchid Group’s Pizza, Kitchen & Bars brand, resulting in a 2% increase in food mix totalling 24%, and an increase in margin to 71.5%.

Producing and implementing a quarterly sales planner; including initiatives, targets, and customer incentives for Business Development Managers which resulted in Accor adopting the Marketboomer solution Australia-wide.

A tiny taste of my experience.

CURRENT POSITION Group Marketing Manager , The Speakeasy Group

Brand & Content Manager, Kounta

Global Marketing Manager, Marketboomer

Marketing Manager, Stonegate Pub Company

Marketing Manager, The Orchid Group

Mixology and Bar Trainer, The Living Room

Head Bartender – Pandora’s Box

If you want the full autobiography, drop me a line, I’ll pop it in your postbox.