Born into a family of industry patrons, I’ve had the good fortune of being exposed to the vibrant, ever-evolving world of hospitality from a young age. 

Creating journeys, memories, and stories that ignite conversations for over a decade has given me the ability to authentically connect with customers. 

I’ve marketed for a broad mix of bars and restaurants, written menus, been the brand and content voice of Kounta … but before all of that I worked behind bars, served food, lived the hospitality life, so, I get it.

My years of working in venues allowed me to get to know the industry from both a service perspective and a marketing perspective. Along the way, I have discovered that the most impactful experiences grow out of talking to people and not at them, which has helped shape my overall approach. 

To me, establishing a connection is the only way to become a good marketer. 

Sure, business is business, but if we don’t enjoy connecting with actual people, I don’t believe it’s possible to create genuine campaigns that have an emotional impact. And in turn, of course, sell a product or service. 

My passion lies in conceptualising, raising, and nurturing purposeful brands that connect communities through valuable content and collaborations. The end goal? To create meaningful experiences which sell. Lots. I shine when it comes to identifying great marketing opportunities, followed by clear strategic planning and the execution of effective campaigns. 


Chloe quickly understood what I was trying to achieve and came up with a beautifully flowing ‘about me’ section that fit my brand perfectly.

Pinar Parry – Delta & Co

Chloe helped me with my branding strategy. I loved her authentic style and the way she really worked to understand and evolve my vision!

Laura Doonin – Lola & The Unicorn

Organised, efficient, honest & endlessly creative.

Nathan Gyaneshwar – Marketboomer